I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.

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not entirely sure if this actually applies to me but there’s a new look at it 

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whoa toying with the trajectory of your future is kind of fun kind of enthralling kind of i’m asleep am i asleep? 


Suehiro Maruo

i’m absolutely terrified about the prospect of going back to boston. 

mightequinn tagged me in this desktop thing so i did it. i haven’t done this internet tagging thing in a while but here goes: thekidette, pie-maker and myicebroughtthegoaliesin i guess let’s see your desktops.
i mainly did this not out of love of internet peer pressuring but because i miss and love quinn and this made me super nostalgic for the days that we would reference each other on our xanga posts. 

Miu Miu Fall 2014

Basel, Switzerland (by  Claudia Moeckel)

IMG_7576 (by M&J Leonaitis)

“The Vicious thing was just a joke; he was a softy.” 
Photo (c) Richard E. Aaron